MEDYS 2019

6th Mediterranean Yacht Show 04 - 08 May, 2019.

“I think that this year, same as every year, the organisation is so great, so strict and everything is exactly on time as scheduled and the boats are great, the crews are great, so the organisation is perfect in my opinion…This is actually my favourite yacht show. Greece is our favourite charter destination.”

LIMOR BAR - TAL, Bartal Yachtbit

“It’s the first time for me in Nafplion. I am very happy to come. I missed Barcelona for this reason and really I am very happy to be here, also for only 3 days. I found a lot of boats in excellent condition and a good professional crew with friendly attitude…This is the most friendly show that I have attended.”


“In comparison to other shows, this one is exceptionally friendly, it’s very warm and renowned for the Greek hospitality, so it is a very welcoming destination for brokers to attend… It (Greece) is an exceptional charter destination.”

EMMA MURDOCH, Big Blue Yacht Charters Worldwide INC

“The show is really getting bigger and bigger every time, better and better, better organised, more people, more brokers are actually coming from overseas specifically for this show…The Mediterranean Yacht Show is one of the most attended, reputable boat shows for charter.”


“I’ve been really enjoying the show. I love being here. I think Nafplion is a great venue, the dock is ideal and the town is beautiful…The fleet is really good, the level is going up, the service is excellent, the crews are super happy to be here, very motivated, the welcome is amazing, so the standard is up there.”


“There are a lot more boats here this year and the standards of the yachts are improving every year actually,so it is a great event… I think that anyone who has anything to do with yachting has to come to Greece at least once in their life, if not more.”

SUSSIE KIDD, Camper & Nicholsons

I am blown away with the standards of the yachts and the standards of the crews. This is totally comparable to other international shows. I'm really impressed!


Now on their 3rd year they have grown even bigger and better and the quality is getting better and better and our Americans love coming to Greece; it has an excellent reputation, fantastic crew and wonderful amenities…

KAREN KELLY, All Yachts Worldwide

I think it [the Mediterranean Yacht Show] is more relaxed and when you are relaxed you are more open to see all the yachts and you want to talk to the people; and these people are so nice and you spend a lot more time with them just talking and knowing them a little bit more…

EDUARDO VALFRE, Camper & Nicholsons Int.

The show in Nafplion this year is wonderful. I think it’s improving every year and it certainly have some great yachts to offer for charters in Greece.

SARAH SEBASTIAN, Nicholson Yacht Charters & Services

It is really well organised. The town is wonderful, all of the boats are of a level that I feel they have never been before and I think it’s fantastic. I can't wait for the next one.
This show is special because these boats are primarily just for your beautiful country. They [these yachts] are in the show in Antigua, in Barcelona, we see them in Europe but if you want to know these boats you have to come here.


I think you have done a tremendous job of increasing the broker attendance by promoting the Mediterranean Yacht Show. I also think that the quality of boats have improved through the years and that draws us brokers from all over the world to come here.

CAROL KENT, Carol Kent Yacht Charters

The launches and the service have been top notch, a lot of higher quality and we have beautiful weather this year. The organisation has been flawless from the beginning to the end, from the time I registered, to getting picked up at the airport and making it over to the show and all the help it’s been offered all the way through has been great

SANAA VOHRA, Worldwide Boat

I think the warmth of the Greek people comes through in the events that are organised. I know for sure [...] that there is nothing like the Greek waters. It’s the most beautiful place on earth to cruise, to dive, to swim, so I’m sure that the market is going to come up to what it was.


I think this year’s organisation has been as great as every year. It’s a show that works, that everyone is in the right place the right time; the logistics, the transfers, the parties, everything works very well.
This year the demand is great in Greece. […] We’ve been working with greek yachts for many years and despite all the economic issues, Greek charters and Greece in general has a great image.


I love Greece, but what I really love about the show is that there is great variety; sailing boats, large motor yachts and medium and small motor yachts. So our clients have the chance to enjoy all of these boats and in other boat shows we quite often only have the large motor yachts or just sailing yachts, so this boat show is perfect for me.

BEVERLY PARSONS, Interpac Yachts

It was a beautiful show. It’s my first time in a boat show in Greece and I should say it’s a brilliant organisation from the pickup from the airport, to the parties.

OLGA TOPUZIDI, West Nautical

The good thing about Nafplion is that it’s very compact, it seems very vivid, very crowded, very friendly organisation, very professional crews, everybody seems very up to standards.


It’s been a wonderful show with lots of boats to look at, fantastic weather and very professional line up of yachts. The organisation along the docks, the access to the yachts, the fluidity of the movement around the show has been absolutely excellent.

FIONA MAURESO, Northrop & Johnson France

MEDYS 2019

MEDYS 2019

A very successful 6th Mediterranean Yacht Show took place this year from 04  to 08  May in Nafplion. The event, which is organised annually by the Greek Yachting Association, is the most important event in Greece for yachting tourism. During the four-day event, more than 450 professionals arrived to view the superb showcase of yachts and to familiarise themselves with the first-class standard of available boats, as well as meeting the extremely professional captains & crews.

The great turn-out this year is a very positive sign for yachting tourism in Greece, which continues to go from strength to strength. Attracting an increased level of interest from professionals within the global market each year, the event is the perfect springboard in which to continue to promote the region as a world-class yachting destination, with the invaluable contribution of the local CA’s.

The 6th Mediterranean Yacht Show was organized by the Greek Yachting Association under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism with the kind support of the Municipality of Nafplion and the Region of the Peloponnese.