Chefs' Competition 2018

A perennial highlight of the 5th Mediterranean Yacht Show, the Chefs' Competition returns again this year, showcasing some of the finest culinary talents in Greece.

Chefs from the regions best luxury crewed yachts will emerge from their galleys ready to engage in a battle of flavours and impress the presiding judges. Aimed at highlighting the diverse culinary traditions of Greece as well as the opportunities afforded by its fresh and varied produce, the MEDYS Chef’s Competition celebrates the creative gastronomic talents found within professional yachting crews.

This year, the competition promises to raise the bar once again, setting a tasty challenge for the select judging panel, including twice Michelin-starred chefs Ms Georgianna Hiliadaki and Mr Antonio Mellino. Top Greek chef Ms Hiliadaki takes a break from her busy schedule at Funky Gourmet, Athens, to bring her expertise and knowledge of fine dining and molecular cuisine to MEDYS, whilst Mr Mellino, a world leader in Italian cuisine, joins the panel from Quattro Passi on the Amalfi Coast. With two Michelin-starred judges in attendance, this year’s competition is sure to showcase only the very best in cutting-edge and creative culinary techniques!

The 2018 MEDYS Chefs' Competition is proudly sponsored for another year by Domaine Skouras, producers of fine Greek wines, as well as the award-winning 3Sixty Cafe Bar & Wine Restaurant, Nafplio. MEDYS would like to thank both for their continued patronage and support.

2018 Competition Theme: Surf ‘n’ Turf

This year, the Chefs are asked to create unique dishes in accordance with the philosophy of the well-known Surf ‘n’ Turf. This particular genre demands the serving of both seafood and red meat on one plate, traditionally lobster, prawns or shrimps with beef steak. The participating chefs are free to prepare their own variation of this classic dish in line with the highest standards of international gastronomy.

The chosen theme for this year’s Chefs’ Competition reflects the popularity of this particular type of cuisine, which is also sometimes referred to as beef & reef. Contestants can take advantage of locally sourced produce which are abundant in Greece, as well as prime cuts of locally reared meat. The challenge is to use all of the above in an innovative way which will impress the presiding judges.

The term ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ originated in the U.S. in the 1960s, when steak (turf) and seafood (surf) dinners became popular and lobster tails were served with grilled beef. Since then, it has been elevated to a fine dining experience, with restaurants around the world offering their own special interpretation of the combo, using the best that land and sea has to offer.

Tablescaping Competition

Meanwhile, the MEDYS ‘tablescaping’ award returns, running alongside the Chefs' Competition and giving crews the chance to show off their creativity in setting a lavish dining table. Points are awarded for everything from cutlery placement and napkin folding, to floral decorations and imaginative centrepieces.

Please Note: All central agents should download the documents below and forward to the Chef that wishes to register.

Chef's Competition Theme English
Chefs' Competition Terms English 

Chef's Competition Theme Greek 
Chefs' Competition Terms Greek 

Chefs' Competition Registration Form

Category A: Sunday 29.04.2018 from 10:00-18:30, for yachts with a daily charter rate in high season up to 6.999 euros / day.
Category A’ Platinum: Monday 30.04.2018 from 10:00-18:30, for yachts with a daily charter rate in high season of 7.000 euro / day and above.

Entries should be sent to Ms. Katerina Fotopoulou via email to:  by Friday, April 20, 2018 at 12pm.

Chefs' Competition Judges

Ms Georgianna Hiliadaki, Mr Antonio Mellino


Chefs' Competition Sponsors